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WISH UPON A FALLEN STAR and WISH FOR SANTA, the first two books in my new series AVERAGE ANGEL are out now! Watch the brand new trailer: 

An average teen – a supernatural task.

Stella Martens is a fallen angel.
Stella’s former angel self Vitrella came here as a shooting star and was reborn as a human baby with no memory of her angel existence. A clean slate.
Pity that Stella could really benefit from recalling what in heaven possessed Vitrella to voluntarily exchange her immortal magic angeldom for a life as an average teen girl in a very average town—Average, New Hampshire.
She learns the truth when a sexy supernatural being breaks angel code and tells unsuspecting Stella about her celestial alter ego along with the news that Stella has to fulfill Vitrella’s wish-granting quota. Turns out, it was Vitrella’s job to fulfill wishes, and angels have to meet their job expectations or else face dire consequences. Easy for Vitrella, who had an angel’s grace, but how is Stella supposed to manage being an ordinary human girl without superpowers?

WISH UPON A FALLEN STAR is the first in a series of ebook novellas (ca. 160 pages).
Buy book one in this exciting new urban fantasy series by Felicity Green now!
It is available on Amazon and free with KindleUnlimited.
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